This guy wants us believe buying a Lexus SUV for the price of an iPhone is fine

An average Tokunbo  Lexus RX 300 SUV would normally cost about 3 million naira.

Dickson Ogiemwonyi, 24, believed getting one for 130,000 naira was a good and legal bargain.

130,000 naira is about the same amount you’d pay for an iPhone 5s.

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There are two things involved, he’s either not very smart, or he thinks we aren’t that smart and so expects us to believe what he’s saying.

“I have paid N130,000 for the Jeep and already changed the colour from gold to red. I never knew my friend who confessed to the police that he sold the stolen car to me was into car snatching. I know him to be an auto-electrician and car dealer,”

Grand Theft

Dickson said this from his new accommodation at the Edo State Police Command on Monday, where he was paraded with a car robbery gang.

Dickson, a Political Science graduate still insists he knows nothing about the gang. If he intends to become a politician in Nigeria, that makes perfect sense.

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In fact, he believes he got so lucky that the car seller, Samson Alao, who had offered to sell the car for 500,000 naira, fell in awe of his bargaining skills and succumbed to his 130 000 naira offer.

Talk about getting something for a steal.


Yeah, it is also not important that the car was sold without any valid documents and our guy Dickson still took the trouble to spray.

Also arrested was Godwin Itanu, 54, the friend of Dickson’s father, and also our spray guy, who insists he had no idea that the car the unemployed son of his friend brought to him to be sprayed was stolen.


Oh well, they’ll have to save these stories that touch for the judge.

Judge Jazzy




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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