This guy in Jos is a contender for world’s dumbest thief

They say the Lord will come like a thief in the night. The Lord is wise, so we’re are sure He won’t come upon us like this thief.


Let us face it, we love a brilliant heist story, and that is why we all loved the Ocean’s 11 series of films (George Clooney helped too.) We have an admiration for brilliance, whether or not they are used for good or bad. We prefer good though, because servants of God.

Back to our thief.

While Jos, Plateau state slept on Wednesday night, a burglar made his way into a shop through the burglary proof. Miracle.



He stole the things he could find and threw them out of the shop. Then he started to climb out. Everything appeared to be going smoothly for him.


Shoki gif

Then somehow his neck got stuck. For eight hours.




Just look at.


Jos-Thief (1)


Another angu.




Everyday is for the thief…



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