This body artist will make you question what is real and what isn’t

Kay Pike’s incredible talent will most certainly creep you out. The designer for Canadaian Cosplay has taken body art to a whole new level.

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She can make just about anything you can think of in real body paint, from your favourite hero.

To the most twisted villain.

I Painted Red Skull last time on and I am painting again today around 1 MST Johann Shmidt has been created to be the most evil of evil villains, he is such a bad guy, his old origin story is the look in his eyes was so evil he became a no questions asked leader of hatred and violence. We all love to hate him and he inspired the quintessential comic “bad guy” I wanted to paint Red Skull as I am excited for Calgary Comic and entertainment expo! I want to come as a guest so please give em a holler on my behalf if you want me to be there being painted by @Lustredust or Painting myself and the other things I can do. If they decide they can’t use me as any sort of a talent, I’ll of course and always be in my home Booth, and will be bringing prints of my paints even if I can’t paint there. Wish me luck! That goes for any convention you want me at, they listen to the fans! Just give em a shout and most conventions are reasonable! 😀 This is by far the prettiest face I have made yet, its magically detailed with cool lighting 😀 The red in this paint is SO BRIGHT, anyone who has watched me on Twitch knows the struggles with primaries in bodypaints are really really REAL. I Used a new line, FAB (face and body) paint by @sillyfarm the RED 128 and the Yellow 044.

She painted everyone from Batman.

Batman bodypaint from my last stream on and I am painting again today around 1MST so hope to see you there! I actually really like batman, specifically the Old TV show. I thought it was so uncanny that adults made a show where they act how children play with toys. One of my staples after elementary school. Maybe one day I’ll meet Adam West, a girl can bat-dream. All the Tim Burton Batmans had alot of influence over my love of super heroes too~ <3 This paint has the most beautiful face I could do, best so far in my opinion. I also used some little accessories I made of latex and craft foam. I really had alot of fun here, I specifically got the “Batslap” pose.. hahah, batman why you so abusive? have a look through that gallery there, Feel free to make your own photoshops, art is for sharing and enjoying. Really enjoying the FAB black paint I got from @sillyfarm I just put in an order for a pile more, you can tell in the face how well it controls. use my code KAYPIKE10 😀 the main colour is kryolan Aquacolour Blue 3, very rich.

To Robin.

And even Deadpool.  

All using these,

 And if you thought none of this was real, check this one out.

Are you blown away already?

Check out more of her works here.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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