This billboard is out to kill every mosquito it meets, literally

Zika virus is a big deal in South America and if the world gets careless, it just might become a global problem. The virus is carried by mosquitoes, one of Africa’s greatest enemies and causes birth defects in babies, like poor growth and shape of their tiny heads and brains.



Quick riddle: What is the easiest way to get a message across to an audience? Advertising.

So some really brilliant guys came up with a billboard that attracts only killer mosquitoes.

Enter, The Mosquito Killer Billboards.



Two advertising agencies in Brazil are collaborating to pop this up everywhere in Brazil.

Here’s how it works;

The billboard is built with flourescent lights and a system that emits carbon dioxide, and a lactic-acid based mist. This combo, in simple terms, is meant to simulate real human sweat, which is one of the things that attract mosquitoes to people.

So the billboards will be calling the mosquitoes like,



And the mosquitoes will just be flying to the billboard like,



Then they crawl into the billboards, get trapped in there and die.

The designers are hoping that having these scattered everywhere would go a long way. We are too.

Imagine what this would do in Nigeria.





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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