This beauty Vlogger is calling on rapists to come for her

Talking about rape is so controversial that the back and forths should be made into a religion.

A beauty blogger, Zara Udochi, took to Youtube to share her opinion, and many people are very very pissed.

She calls this new segment she has just started The Purge, based on a movie where all crime is legal for 12 hours. We aren’t purging because we have home training.


She started off with her best friend, Google, with this definition of rape;

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person’s consent.

She starts off saying that most victims of rape are women.

Fact, according to statistics.

She then says there’s a double standard regarding males getting raped, with many going unreported and even reported cases being passed off with statements like “are you not a man?”

We agree.

To the important question, who is at fault in the case of a man raping a woman?

First, she believes both parties are to blame.

Leonardo attention

According to her, not every guy has self control. Not every culture teaches its men how to have self-control. She also doesn’t believe in women wearing provocative clothing outside the house. She said;

Depending on where you find yourself, you should know how you dress… You might go to some neighbourhoods or some places where you know that ‘hey, I shouldn’t be dressing a certain way’. And if you dress that way and go to those neighbourhoods, and whatever happens to you, happens to you. In my opinion, you were asking for it.

Remove glasses

She added;

Somebody might come at me and be like, “but women that wear the niqab, that are covered, women that wear hijab or people that are dressed moderately, they still end up being raped”. I know that rape culture is a part of war culture. I know that rape is something that’s part of poverty…regressive society…part of when the economy is not going well, you have like these setbacks…

Hijabi confused


Women get molested, modest or not, by their Quranic school teachers, their pastors, and even by their uncles. Family is a social unit, not some militant group or a rape squad. And yes, niqabis who don’t even reveal their faces get raped too outside the battlefield.

She went on;

Women that wear provocative clothing, claiming that men should be able to close their eyes and control themselves. You don’t put meat in front of a dog and expect the dog to just turn away from it.


There’s this interesting topic in Secondary School where we learned the name of our species, the Homo Sapiens, meaning the wise/thinking man.

It is human nature, its instinct to be aroused by certain things.

You see, that’s the difference between us and lower animals. Lower animals mostly act on instinct. Humans have instincts but use reason. Comparing humans to dogs is an insult to our species.

Blaming a rapist because ‘she asked for it’ is like blaming a person who got robbed in his house, because his house is so attractive.


You have freedom to wear whatever the hell you want to wear, you also have freedom to accept whatever comes your way. 

She adds;

The only time that I believe rape is one person’s fault is when the other person was going their way, and they were attacked…that is rape and that should not be allowed. That is a crime.

confused baby

Yep, we are just as confused. We even found a quote that might be relevant to this;

pablo (3)

Next was rape in relationships —the grey line. She referred to an episode of the TV Show Law and Order where a woman had consensual sex the first time and because she didn’t want it, it was rape. Then she says “how are you going to pursue that in court?” (nope, Law and Order is not a show about lawyers trying to uphold law and order. Duh uh.)

The are other instances where at that point in time, you don’t want it, but you probably enjoyed it o! But because you didn’t want it and the guy wanted it, its rape. I kinda think that’s selfish.

Hands on head

Her conclusion?

I don’t believe that women should wear provocative clothing outside, and not expect to have some people stare at them…Some people ask for it, and that’s basically what they get. I’m from a developing country…if you wear some kind of trash outside, you gon get what you want.

Odunlade upstairs

To finish it off, we introduced our Home Training Software to help us analyse whether she is provocative or indecent in her dressing.

Current setting: Nigerian Parents.


We got 11 results.

Zara Purge

Note her hair, penciled eyebrows and lids.

By some ‘perverse’ standards- including hers,- even her dressing here is considered provocative.

DJ Khalid Played Yourself

So we thought, maybe to drive her point home, we should invite the rapists as she has done.


But on a second thought, something else kicked in —reason. We’d never endorse rape on anyone, even as punishment for rape.

With rape, there’s no male or female. There’s only predator and prey, and all a predator needs is a reason.

So even if you say you don’t like -isms about women empowerment bullshit, we’d like to recommend something else;

Use your head1

Common sense.



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