This aggressive ‘Pepsi Tailor’ is why Nigerians will always stay winning

Opportunity comes knocking, but once. Sometimes it doesn’t come at all, because no fuel, or no light to see front, ot something else. As a Nigerian, there’s only one thing to do.

Obama break door

This is the face of all our door bursting goals.

Francis Pepsi


Francis Ukaegbu is a fashion designer who lives in Abia State. He calls himself a Pepsi fan, but he didn’t stop there. He saw this Pepsi ad, and wasn’t really feeling it as he’d love to.

So he sent a message to Pepsi Nigeria on Facebook:

“I am Francis, a tailor and a fashion designer from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. I watched a Pepsi advert by Wizkid and Tiwa Savage, they were all wearing white shirts.”Wizkid-and-Tiwa-Savage-Pepsi-Commerical

“It wasn’t really depicting the colours of the product they were advertising. I thought of a shirt that will portray the exact Logo of Pepsi-Cola. I came up with this.”

Pepsi tailor

“Next time Pepsi wants to do an advert or commercial, they should use this. In a short time, everybody will want to wear a Pepsi shirt, and also have a bottle of PEPSI.”

But he didn’t just stop at suggesting. He proposed his own solution.

tinubu wait for it

“I am already advertising the shirt. Subconsciously it will be moving the Pepsi products. This is just a sample I made. I can make more of this.. It is the first of its kind.”



Twale Happy weekend
Image: ShowDemCamp

We are not even going to argue about advertising rules and trends. We are just here to show our respect to this guy.

He knows talk is cheap, so he went on to make one of the shirts. He didn’t stop there, he went ahead to pay a graphic designer to have the Pepsi shirt actually look like a Pepsi ad.

Moral of the story: Break. Every. Damn. Door.

Over to you Pepsi.

Use your head1



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  1. thanks Bro for the Pepsi write ups and promotion.. God bless you.. I have another design coming by next week stay tuned…

  2. thanks for the write up and Pepsi promotion.. I appreciate… I got another one coming… stay tuned..

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