#TheWeekOnFakeDeep: What Falz’s silence on Ndani TV tells us about friendship

We are not going to remind you about how Falz is the complete entertainment package.

Falz was on Ndani TV’s The Juice recently to discuss his life and music with the show’s host, Dorcas Fapson.


He talked about everything from his first Shakara mixtape, to his family, and growing up strongly influenced by Fela’s music.

At 13.37, Dorcas asks an interesting question;

“God forbid, God forbid (before Falz will say she doesn’t mean him well), but if you were broke tomorrow, is there one person, or two people, or three people in the industry that you would call.”

“Probably not,” he snorts.

Then tries to give it some thought.

Falz Ndani


It takes him another 10 seconds before he can finally say, “maybe Funke Akindele”.


Akindele is his co-star on the hit series, “Jenifa’s Diary”.

Imagine Falz goes broke *does the Dorcas God-Forbid* and goes to meet people he has worked with for epp.

This is not my real face o


Or he calls their phone to ask for something.

Adele flip phone

No show.

Then one day, he will die *does the Dorcas God-forbid*, and everyone will gather.

Jordan brother


Who are your real friends?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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