These tweets from the ‘Heroes and Helmets’ hashtag will warm your hearts

It’s hard to remember that many members of our armed forces, devote their lives daily to serving the country when LASTMA enters your car and demands 20,000 naira for passing an imaginary one way street, or the police seizes your license because you can’t produce anything for the boys. But yesterday in an attempt to break the world record for most selfies taken in 24 hours, and celebrate the men and women of the Nigerian armed forces, the ‘Heroes and Helmets’* hashtag was born, and these resulting tweets are bound to warm your hearts.




*  ‘Heroes and Helmets’ is an ‘Out of Nigeria’ passion project by Toyin Adebola which he describes as a unique platform developed to celebrate men and women of the Nigerian armed forces, head on over to their site to learn more about the project.



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