These photos from Koker’s ‘Kolewerk’ video tell a funny love story

The baby of Choc Boi Nation, Koker, dropped a music video that appears to be working well for him. He calls it Kolewerk.

But we’re not really about the music right now, it’s the shots that we find entertaining. There is a story embedded.

1. So you’re just on your riding down the street, and you spot a pinging baby girl.




2. So as a baby boy you table the matter for the babe straight; MARRIAGE.



3. She says, “but before you see my family, this is our standard bride price list.”



4. She tells you to buy her Range Rover when she knows you came in a Corolla.


koker haba

5. And then you find out she can’t even spell the Range Rover sef.



6. You tell her straight up that she doesn’t have conscience.



7. You go and meet your guy to explain your predicament, he assures you that it can be sorted.


Falz simpu sturvs


6. He then goes on to remind you of how his guy’s story was worse and they still sorted it out.


prostrate gif


7. So you and your guys go and re-negotiate list with the babe.



8. And she agrees, but it’s hard small so your guys help you raise the money.


And the babe’s shoki is gallant because she knows you’re premium bae

Nah, we are just messing around. Watch the video here:




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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