These funny photos from Chidinma and Banky W’s ‘All I want is you’ video tell a different story

Chidinma has added Banky W to the long list of people she is winshing. They pulled off a great baby boy and girl song together. Although, we must admit that it looks like an ajebutter version of Dammy Krane’s Faleela.

The video is the normal Nigerian music video story; Guy likes lady. Lady’s parents don’t like guy. Guy comes over to impress parents. Guy wins. And they live happily ever after.

Tupac gif

But we decided to tell our own stories with their photos, because we can.

1. When bae is texting his ‘just a friend’ at 2am.



2. When the love you have for your bae has home training.



3. When you want to wear to wear black agbada to see your father-in-law, but the style already has a bad reputation.



4. So you kuku play safe.




4. When you are broke and you go and see bae.


Dammy Krane dance

4. Vs. when you’re balling.



5. And with the packaging he arrives with, you know your father will say yes.


Bankychidi excited

6. How you imagine you’d wait for your father-in-law to come out.



7. How you actually wait for him.



8. How you hope to greet your father-in-law.



9. What happens when you try it in real life.



10. What happens when you’re broke and you go visit your in-laws.


Dammy Krane1

11. Let’s not forget that Banky W used money to snatch Chidinma from not-so-quite baby boy Dammy.

Dammy Krane Prayer


Oh Lord, pick Dammy Krane’s call. Banky W might have a massive head, but it’s one, not two.


Watch the ‘All I Want Is You’ video here;



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