These condom ads are the best thing you will see today

We all know what condoms are —half balloon, half bucket, full time anti virus against STDs.

So a condom company in Ghana took their products and pimped them up into amazing personalities. They call them fiesta men.



The fiesta men are so cool that they already have four episodes of their own ads.

In the first one, all condoms are lamenting about how bored they are in their boxes since master isn’t using any of them.Fiesta1

Then just as they are ranting, master arrives with one pinging baby girl, and one of them is hoping to be picked. And just as master pulls his cloth, and stands before the babe,


People, he said opening prayer before diving in. Apparently, he was using the holy spirit as protection.



And in a few seconds, he already reached his bus stop. We can be sure he’ll be starting a family in 9 months.

In the second episode, they ask why people choose to ‘Chop Am Raw’ and they go on and on about how chopping it raw could mean STIs chopping you raw. Next.

Episode 3 is a Christmas condom jam. Next.

Episode 4, the star episode is about a full blown battle between STIs and fiesta condoms. And this is the one that has everyone laughing, and talking.

Watch the episode here;

Why do we love these ads? Because they make us laugh and they teach us. What better way is there to learn?



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