These are the 19 best memes Twitter used to teach history

The school of Twitter is at it again, and this time, it is history class. Using sharp wit, and some of the most hilarious GIFs ever, Twitter decided to share some important moments in history with the hashtag #memehistory

Here are some of our favourites.

1. When satan put Eve in a tight spot.

Just one bite Lord.

2. The original fuck up.

Why? Why? Why?

3. When you see your enemies being disgraced.

I’m not going down alone.

4. When you know you won’t go down easily.

5. When your wife gives you the green light to look outside.


6. When karma is the state of the economy.

7. When they think your bullets have finished, but you’re only just reloading.

We bring it back again.

8. When you have to deal with mass ingratitude.

After everything. Smh.

7. When your enemy is mad and has no one to tell him.

This must be joking sturv.

8. When your your enemies fall and die.

Just look at!

9. When these bros can’t hold you back.

10. When all the moral instructions you learned come back to haunt you.

Had I known.

11. When the love of your life breaks your heart without even trying.

12. When your enemy is approaching.

Flee from me.

13. When the rat gets ratted.

I never hezpererrit.

14. The British job.


15. When they take “come and be going” too seriously.

16. When you have too much money in the pocket.

17. When you make one of the biggest errors in tech history.

What a mistake.

18. When you feel like fooling yourself.

19. In all these, the below-the-belt truth is this.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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