These 9 powerful pictures tell a story of Sudan the media won’t show you

When you Google ‘people of Sudan’ this is the first image that comes up.



And then there is this.


These people are Sudanese but in all honesty, these snapshots tell only a vague story of a nation of about 40 million people speaking over 400 different languages.

Someone is disrupting this single stories with counter images that tell a different story entirely.

Ahmed “Abu Shakeema” Aladdin, a photographer, is using his lens to show us the side of Sudan we’d never have seen without a visa.


A photo posted by Ahmad Aladdin (@abushakeema) on

Using his “1000 portraits from Sudan” project, he portrays 1000 different faces from Sudan in an artistic attempt to tell the tale of a nation that’s made of various ethnics and backgrounds.

Here are some of the potraits:

1. The one with colours that tell a completely different story from the normal gloom we see on TV.


2. The ones that tell a story of beauty and youth.


3. Of everyday living



4. Of Art.


5. Of the enterprise of the young.



6. Of mastery of skills.


7. Of eyes that have seen many days.


8. Of the patience of the old.


9. Of the zeal of the young.



Ahmad is telling us one thing with his images; we need to tell our own stories more. Every time.

Find more of his work here.




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