These 6 people are famous but for what exactly?

We love our entertainment. And our entertainers too.

But the guys on this list?

We don’t hate them no, but we’re certainly confused as regards what to do with them in the long run.

1. Afrocandy


She claims to be a porn star, but we don’t know anybody who has seen Afrocandy’s porn, neither is anyone willing to see it any time soon. The 44-year old woman also claims to be a singer, nobody has heard her music either. Thank God for Linda Ikeji or else no career for this mama.

2. Cossy Ojiakor


We don’t know if her breasts are more famous than her career, or if the breasts are the career. We suspect the latter. Her breasts first came into prominence in the early 2000s when she featured in a music video with Fuji artist, Obesere. She says she’s an actress, we say she is probably just an exhibitionist.

3. Vic O

Vic O

You know when you are playing with fire from a small candle then suddenly, the candle falls and the whole house catches fire, that is Vic O. Now, we are not doubting his authority as the king of rap but everybody, lets be serious, which rap? Is that not how Boko Haram started and we thought they would just go away? See everywhere now. We think Vico is an anarchist.

4. Maheeda


This life is one kain. Maheeda started out singing gospel music jeje but nobody was dancing to her blues. She shifted to normal Nigerian music, still no show. But as she pulled her cloth like this, everybody started paying attention. Now we can’t tell whether its a music career she has or a stripping career.

5. Tunde Ednut

Tunde Ednut

We used to know Tunde Ednut for one thing; stand up comedy while he was in the UK. Then we knew him for the Catching cold song, and he caught that cold for a very long time. No, we are not going to talk about the Buga won video debacle. His latest effort is the visuals for the Kosowo song. See you won’t even get us to talk about Shizzi accusing him of jacking this song. Is singing now by force? We are tired.

6. Special Ed

Special Ed

This is our honourable mention and he makes this list since he’s arguably the most famous unfamous person in Nigeria. He’s the most popular hypeman whether he is hyping for Davido, Wizkid, or D’banj. Everybody knows him as that ‘Eh!’ guy, and to be honest, we think he’s very good at it.



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