These 6 hacks will help you survive the fuel scarcity

As a Nigerian, you need to always be prepared for anything. Things just happen, like the new transformer on your street blowing, or $20 billion turning to toothpick. Fuel can also just disappear from the country, even though the very ground you’re standing on might have oil beneath it.

You need to always be a step ahead of these oil marketers, government officials and saboteurs bent on holding this country for ransom.

Hold these hacks close to your chest for every time fuel becomes scarce.

1. Keep walking.


This is the most stressful hack. Some will tell you it’s fitness, but seeing as you can’t be trekking across 3rd Mainland Bridge or from Challenge to Oluyole, or Wuse to Lokogoma, morning and evening, you need to find a more effective method to get from point A to point B quicker.

2. You need those kegs like yesterday. 

fuel waiting

Kegs are your mobile fuel tanks and you need at least two every point in time; one for the backup, and one for the backup of your backup. For example, if two filling stations near each start selling fuel, you can spread the kegs across two lines, in case one moves faster.

3. Have your black market guys.


When government fails you, these guys will always be there for you. Keep them close.

4. The Phone number of a filling station attendant is key.


Don’t take this for granted. You get live updates straight from the filling station. You get backstage access. Don’t let anybody guilt trip you into saying you’re not following due process. You’re blessed.

5. Get an inverter.

There are those who believe inverter owners will enter heaven before people who use only generator, just because neighbours love inverter users more than generator users.

Nene Leakes said what I said

Just so you know, while your generator is coughing up the last fuel before it dies, be rest assured this is the mood of your neighbours.


6. Keep your eyes on the price.

i see you

This is the greatest key. Keep your eyes on filling stations selling fuel. Keep you eyes on your keg on the queue at filling stations. Keep your eyes on the queue. Fuel is key, and be rest assured it would not hustle itself.

May the Fuel be with you.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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