These 2 guys are showing us a glimpse of Africa in the future

“What does the future hold?”

This is perhaps one of the most lingering questions in the human mind. It is why we do the things we do today so we can at least have a hand in determining our future.

These two guys, Olalekan Jeyifous and Walé Oyéjidé are designing the future with design and words in what they are calling the Africa 2081 A.D. series.

This is Idumota, Lagos, 2081 A.D;



Wale tells us.

In a city so crowded that it is impossible for one to find himself without a mirror and some purposeful soul-searching, there is no space to fall;  life is standing room only.  Like a modern day Atlantis, New Lagos became an oasis in a desert of global despondence.  It was built on the backs of Nigeria’s prayers and unforgettable regrets.  On top of the bomb-blast rubble, and in the wake of the political pariahs’ exile, its people dared to build something beautiful…and they dared to build it so high, the whole world would see it and stare.

They took us down the streets of Ikoyi, to the new Makoko, and across cities of Africa.

Olalekan is a Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist and designer who interests lie in art, design and architecture. He has exhibited his works in art exhibitions all over the world. How amazing is that?

Olalekan Jeyifous

Walé Oyéjidé is a designer and the creative director at Ikire Jones. He’s the guy behind all the words and copy both at Ikire Jones and on this project.

Wale Oyejide

Find more from the project here.




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