These 17 photos will help you remember your last days in University

1. That moment when you were leaving the exam hall after the last paper.

Cookie leaving prison




2. The day you finally get to defend your project and submit.

Never expererit happy fulfilled


Special thanks to Google and Wikipedia.


3. Then you start to wonder about all the things you want to do with your life.


*singing* “Whatever will be will be”*


4. But first,

wiz khalihah dancing


Turn down for what?


5. The morning when you wake up and you have absolutely nothing to do.

Cat sitting


6. Then it dawns on you that you will never have student discounts, ever again.



No more cheap cinema tickets.


7. Trying to form “ready for the future” and write out your plans, but you just keep getting distracted.

Monkey computer

What is this please?


8. When you see the lecturer that said you’d never make it to final year.

Nene leakes hi haters




9. Looking at all your classmates and knowing you might never see some of them again.

Sad Chiwetel


I’m not going to cry.




10. Trying to decide which of their numbers to keep and which to delete from your phone.

Betting Gif


Who wee epp me and who won’t?


11. That one person in your class you were rushing to go and collect their number only to find out they’ve gone home.

crying i rain


Just why?


12. Looking at 100-level students roaming around and wanting to advise them about life.

Lucky young man


Be a good boy and don’t join bad gang.


13. Then out of the blue, you just remember you still have to wait for your results, and pass too.

Buhari epp


Hay God.



14. Because if you fail one course…


Back to sender!


15. When people ask you about your plans after school, besides NYSC of course.

Fat kid with cup

Who you epp?

16. And graduation…



Its nor beans.


17. And the next time you attend a family gathering.

Falz boxer

Graduate! Graduate of the house! You have entered labour force now.




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