These 13 photos tell a funny Lagos marathon story

The 2016 Lagos Marathon has come and gone, but we have an interesting story from the marathon to share.

Don’t touch that dial.

1. When you are just on your own and you hear that there’s going to be a Lagos marathon.




2. Finally, this is the chance to show yourself.

Terry crews flex


Momma said I arrived from Heaven. Muzzbe Superman.

3. Then you hear that the Kenyans are coming.

Sad Chiwetel



4. But there’s also a cash prize for normal human beings.



Praise the Lord.

5. So you train hard everyday.

Terry Crews training


All I do is win win win!

6. And on the D-day, your blood is hot.

Hyped up


Ema dami duro o!

7. The race starts and you’re already at the front.

Batman and Robin


As per Usain Bolt.

8. But then you get to Ojota and start thinking about your life.

confused baby


Who sent me? What was I thinking? These are the things I need to know.

9. Because the journey should be getting shorter, but its getting longer instead.




Is this magic?

10. And everywhere you turn, there are people fainting.

people lying down


Muzzbe horror film.

11. You hear that some people have reached the finish line but you only just set sight on 3rd Mainland Bridge.

Snape crying


Why me?

11. And then against all odds, you get to the finish line, but there’s nobody there.

Arrive early


Everybody has gone home.

12. You didn’t come first, but deep down you know you’re better than people who didn’t run but were laughing at people who did.

Nene leakes hi haters


Guess who believes they can do anything now? Me.


13. Because now you know how good it makes you feel, and you’ll train every time, forever.

Forrest gump


Better everyday.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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