The one thing Buhari needs to ban. Now

Nigeria is a very import-loving nation. We import toothpicks even when all the brooms in Nigeria have not finished.


We import palm oil products when it grows in many parts of Nigeria.
We even import aeroplanes, when Edo people are still hale and hearty.

But there’s one pressing thing this government has forgotten, or failed to ban.


The foreign accent.

Let us look at Idris Elba. He was born in London, lived there most of his life. But when he came to Ghana to shoot a movie, did he carry his follow come British accent with him? No. Some Nigerians will go to the abroad for degree, sometimes ordinary diploma, the accent they come back with will carry green card.

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Sometimes unsuspecting Nigerians will turn on the radio, and with all the accents they hear upandan, they’ll be checking outside wondering how they slept in Oshodi and woke up in the abroad.

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What is amazing is that, some people will go to Dubai, come back with American accent. Some will even go to school in Cotonou, and still come back with American accent.


But why should we even judge them? Is it not Francis Odega that came to Lagos and went back to Owerri with American accent?


This brings us to another problem. Those people doing accent training in Lagos. Some people have never seen visa before, but when they reach British High Commission, the staff will be asking them if they are British citizens.
They too must be banned.

One advice
We, as feofle of Nigeria, need to start hembracing our  rocal accents. Lerrus do it rike that so that people will start exporting it, so we can learn to rove our own and become yampions.

One Nigeria.



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