The officer and his lady! Read Tosin and Hassan’s emotional Love Story (prewedding photos)

We are pleased to share with you some first photos from soon-to-wed couple Tosin and Hassan’s pre-wedding album as captured by our vendor, Diko photos.

IMG_4686 IMG_4665

Our meeting,

Hassan is fully convinced that we met when we were kids but I’m pretty sure that we didn’t (something in his mind has fully convinced him of this). The first time I met him was at my Undergrad Graduation Party. I remembered he was with his mum and one of our mutual friends. It was an intimate party so, I knew everyone there except him. So it wasn’t really hard to notice his  new face in the crowd. I just said “Hello” to him and continued to enjoy the rest of the party.

Shortly after this, I was posted to Abuja for my service and had to move down there.A  few days after i got to camp, it was his birthday and our friend had put his pictures up on her dp and immediately recognized him as the guy from my party, so i told her to wish him a happy birthday on my behalf. Next thing, I know I got a BBM request from him, I accepted and we started talking almost everyday.

Fast -forward… few weeks later, we officially started our long distance relationship. By the end of the first half of the year, we went our separate ways (story for another day). The day after we broke up, he deleted me off his BBM. I was so burnt and I remember ranting to my friends about how rude he was for deleting me. By this time i had started applying to schools for my MSc and then i got accepted into one of them. I just pushed him out of my mind and focused on the new adventure ahead of me.

To cut the story short, few months later it was his birthday again and I just got the Whatsapp application on my phone then. So I decided to hit him up just to wish him a happy birthday. A part of me expected him not to respond but I was really surprised to get his response. We started catching up on gists and all that had been going on in our separate lives. At this point, we were both in different relationships and different countries. a few month later, the relationship i was ended for the best but Hassan was still in his.

I bagged my Degree and back to Nigeria I came. The day i arrived was the day he had to fly for his new posting in Liberia, i got a job and had to go for a 5 month training. At this point we only spoke occasionally because we were both busy with our work. Then I got a call from him one day saying that he was coming back to Nigeria soon. I was really indifferent about the news because I thought he was still in his relationship, which i later found out had ended

Shortly after he moved to Nigeria, we reconnected and you know the rest of the story…




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