The Naija Sharp Guy’s Guide to Surviving Hunger in Times of Recession

So, you are a Lagos sharp guy (code word for hustler) but hunger is a boss you just can’t afford to ignore or disobey. You can’t even try the market these days when only 2 seeds of tomato will just take away all the money.

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But as a guy man, one has to come home to good food after the day’s hustle now? Let’s weigh the options:

  1. Just look for one bae to fill in the blank space… just in the kitchen, not in the ‘oza’ room. But there’s recession and cost of her maintenance sef, in short don’t worry.

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  1. Edible Catering is also an option but you have to save money for the twice weekly shaving, so it’s a no-no!

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  1. Mama Put??? Mama Put can’t be trusted these days, I don’t want food poisoning, cholera and catarrh all at once…

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But wetin man go now? Cos life must go on.

  1. Okay yes, there’s another one, it’s called NauNau and na the best option be that ooo.

Party Jollof1

Party Jollof 2

Ready-to-Eat Nigerian Foods with natural Ingredients, no preservatives, 18 months’ shelf life all in one. Who needs refrigeration anymore? Father Lawd, Jesus!
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Jollof is bae plus Chicken, Beans Porridge, Egusi Soup, and Fried Rice.
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NauNau food comes in ready, simple packs and available at Games stores in Lagos and Abuja.

For more info, follow us on social @NauNauFoods or visit

And some people will still read this and not share despite CBN’s warning? Is that not wickedness? Share now abeg!

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