5 simple steps to help you generate Twitter controversy (and sell your market)

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi is not trending worldwide on Twitter because she’s an on air personality at Naija FM.

Gbemi trend

She’s trending for something else; trolling. Twitterverse might be hammering her, but guess who is winning?


Yep. Gbemi is.

Here’s how its done:

1. Consistency.

You need to be consistent. Keep talking. Keep doing what you do. Keep getting all up in people’s faces and business. In the immortal words of Malik Al-Shabbazz aka Malcolm X, “Its the hinge that squeaks that gets the grease”. This is the first step to getting your hands greased.

Lord give me a sign.

Don’t worry, your day will come.

2. Find a hot topic.

When opportunity comes, don’t go knocking. Break the damned door.

break door

Gbemi’s shading just in time after a Noble Igwe article regarding wedding crashers. Sugabelly’s powerhouse is pounded yam Twitter. Remember? That place where if you pound yam for your husband, it is the Trans-Atlantic slave trade all over again? Remember the antagonists too? Those ones where if you don’t pound yam for your husband, you’re going to hell fire? Yep, that Twitter.

3. Stir up controversy.

Nothing works like name-calling. You can decide to pick on one person like Dammy Krane tried to pick on Wizkid and get the glass cup to the jaw. Or you could try picking on two, like that guy picked on “Drek and Mek-O-O”. Gbemi chose Olumaintain Olumofin.

4. Bait and switch.

You know when you enter a supermarket to buy just Tom-Tom and you hear the salesperson say, “We also have Chivita”, that’s bait and switch. Attract them to the small issues, fan the boli, stoke the flames.


Ask for 5000 RTs if you can shoot a “After parry” video. Share a photo of yourself pulling a cigar carrying a baby.


Then to the final phase.

5. Roll out your market.

You have everybody’s attention now. You earned it. Use it to the fullest.

Sell your phone cases.

Sugabelly cases

Sell your shoes.


Cause another earthquake.


Repeat this process if need be.

God bless your hustle.



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