The essential guide to becoming an Instagram comedian

Instagram comedians have been saving lives since we could afford data to have an account there. In fact, they deserve every national award for saving lives, because how else could we have dealt with the mess that is Nigeria?

Clapping crying


If not for Instagram funny videos, we’d probably be on the streets doing this every other day.




So if you’d like to join this league of extraordinary national-peace-doused-in-suffering-and-smiling comedians, here are a few things you’ll be needing.

1. That girl costume.

Crazeclown Girl


Have you truly started Instagram comedy if you haven’t one women’s costume and spoken in an accent that even real women don’t understand? If you haven’t, thenearlier the better. Insta likes wait for no man-dressing-like-woman. If you don’t have wig, tie gele,

Mama Tobi



2. You need slap. Dirty slap.

Crazeclown slap

Will you ever really pay homage to Nigerian parents in your comedy without giving dirty slap? Like, we look forward to slaps the way you look forward to shooting in action films. These slap videos are to Instacomedians what Ghana collabos are to Nigerian musicians.


3. You need the accent. Very fantaisic hazzent.

All hail the king of the hazzent.

Falz boxer


Lets face it. We had already grown tired of how Nollywood overflogged the Hausa Mai guard accent. We didn’t want any other one, but Falz managed to make us like the Yoruba hazent. If you need to rise quickly, find your unique hazzent now.


4. The regular reactions will do.

You know those ones where someone says something and then you just drop in a funny reaction, like in this one.

A video posted by (@pulsenigeria247) on

Just slot in Mr Ibu somewhere or voice-over our dearly-missed First Lady

Patience continue



5. Repeat.

Everything you’ve learned. Repeat it. Repeat it over and over again. Haters will say you are getting boring but you are still getting the likes.

Obama nodding


Yep. That’s all really. Its real nor that different, most of them. Don’t worry, just do it long enough and it will pay off some day.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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