The elders have looked into Wizkid and Linda Ikeji’s matter and this is the verdict

Linda Ikeji and Wizkid are back at it again.

WWE slap

But this time, we have had enough and the elders will now step in.

Samtakesoff belt

And we are going to look into the matter, grude by grudge by grudge.

Linda and Wizkid

So Linda Ikeji posted something April 1, about Wizkid’s rent at his Lekki home expiring, adding that he received a quit notice. But that shouldn’t be a problem. Rents expire.

Wizkid, according to Linda gave the assumption that he bought the house.

confused baby

But Wizkid left a few things for her on her Instagram.

Wizkid Bile

And when Linda saw this, she went on a 700-word overdrive.

woman computer

And her headline summarised everything she was talking about.

Oh Wizkid…what a child! (my response …hehe)

We summarised everything she said

  • Wizkid doesn’t have home training (called her mum a loser.)
  • She’s bulletproof, titanium, and can’t let what people say hurt her.
  • Nope. She didn’t shag Wizkid’s director.
  • She’s an advocate of women having dignity.
  • Wizkid is beefing her because she snubbed his PR team (he thinks she’s bad press.)
  •  She doesn’t make friends with celebrities because it causes bias gossip reporting.
  • Wizkid’s Porsche is on hire purchase (installment payment sturv.)


But you know Wizkid’s gbedu is final, and he like to keep it that way, so he came back again with more.

Wizkid Bile1

Linda too added her own and we summarised her reply thus.

Why you always lying

But Wizkid, as expected, replied. With more bile. As expected.


But Linda didn’t reply. And we understand why, considering Wizkid wasn’t going to stop coming.

We decided to run everything they both said through our home training software, and are handing their matter over to the ultimate judges of home training —Nigerian parents.Crazeclown kneel down

We start with Linda.

We discovered that she made three allegations without evidence —Wizkid is getting kicked out, Wizkid’s Porshce is not really his Porsche, at least not yet. She also said Wizkid is using football age for his musical career and is not really 25.

Caleon surprise

Here’s the thing; Linda runs a gossip blog, and gossip is what it is —casual and not confirmed as true. So visiting a gossip blog expecting to find vetted stories…

DJ Khalid Played Yourself

We should let her go free, but once Nigerian parents have prepared slap for you, they’ll give you whether or not you’re guilty. Because you deserve it. Always. Just because they are the ones that gave birth to you.

lady slap

Now, to Wizkid.


Our machine is already overheating.

See, Wizkid has a problem; one that resonates across Nigerian society —misogyny. It is in how he says she can’t keep a man. How she’ll never be married, and everything in the spectrum of all that blah. We can all agree this is not very cool, and is worthy of punishment.

Deliverance slap

He said something about not being about the fame, as if S to the K was the one who wrote Jaiye Jaiye.


Back to the matter. He did something else everyone can call grievous —he called Linda’s mummy and family losers.

Black woman shock

Now, this is so grievous that we imagine that when God was sharing home training, Wizkid was hiding somewhere.


His parents would probably think it’s a horrible thing to say. This is so grievous that all Nigerian parents can agree that this is what he deserves.

Samtakesoff triple slap

Looking at what Wizkid said about Linda earlier this year, and how he won’t stop talking about her, we have a question for him;

Are you obsessed with Linda or nah?

Caleon You this boy




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.


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