The elders have looked into Omawumi’s vexing at her interview, and this is the verdict

It has been a busy year for everybody. Remember the fighting legislators.

These are the 10 types of Nigerians, according to the Nasarawa State Assembly fight

And the celebrity purges.


Now we bring you the first episode of the celebrity walkout.

Omawumi walkout

Omawumi was interviewed on Da Chat by Zinnia, and with the questions the interviewer kept throwing at her, our Bottom Belle woman was just like.Uzo fake smile


First, the interviewer started off saying there were rumours that Omawumi’s first child was actually not her husband’s but her manager’s. And Omawumi’s face was like.


That’s not the worst part. The worst part is that she was wrong, because the scandal didn’t have her manager in it, but someone else entirely.

So we’re asking Sister Zinnia.

Kanye homework

Because even Frank Donga does his.

As Warri girl, we know Omawumi would have decked her if it wasn’t TV. But because we are not Omawumi, we will epp her out.lady slap


Omawumi went on to explain how she owes no one an explanation about her personal life. But after all the explanation, it’s like the interviewer was just like.

Azuka story for the gods


Then she said something about doing her digging (like a true journalist,) and learning that Omawumi got married to Dr Frabz.Caleon surprise


Are you serious?

A quick ‘Google dig’ shows this man, Tosin Yusuf, as her husband.

omawumi husband


Not this guy, Dr Frabz.

Cry for Frabz
Cry for Frabz

Again, we ask Aunty Zinnia.

Do you know your work


Then they talked about music and videos and all that, but that’s not why we are here.



Till they entered the role model part.

tinubu wait for it

Sister Zinnia goes on to start ‘another controversy’.

She is a mother…she’s doing motherhood…Many young girls want to be like her, but she has a smoking on drinking habit. How does she keep that away from her kids?

And Omawumi probably wanted to do this.

Soldiers beating


But she said.

I won’t honour you with a response. That is a taint to my character. Have you seen me smoking before? (No) So why would you say that?

black man


And then she talked about working hard, and even honouring her invitation. She schooled Zinnia about journalism basics etc. And we were all like this for Zinnia like.


*fast forward to the Nigerian part*

You don’t mean me well. And that is the end of this interview.

Omawumi walkout


The elders have decided on Omawumi’s matter. As regards whether she smokes and drinks or not.

Stanley business

Whether she chooses to drink or smoke is not really our business as long as she doesn’t go all Tiwa and Teebillz on it.

And regarding sister Zinnia and journalism.



Go and learn work. Because when you establish a negative rumour as a fact, you are not investigating.

You. Are. Shaming.

Its over





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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