The British are celebrating, their biscuit ‘crisis’ is finally over

This is not a joking matter.

The British are in a jubilant mood that their biscuit crisis is over. Bear in mind that ‘biscuit’ is not the British word for ‘fuel’.

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Four months after a flood rendered one of Britain’s biggest factories incapable of production, they are finally up and running again. The Manufacturing Director of United Foods even reported that customers where sending in letters asking when biscuits would come back to supermarket shelves.

It got so serious that they had to import two planeloads of biscuit from Dubai.

Caleon surprise


In Nigeria on the other hand,

fuel waiting

Bear in mind that this biscuits can’t be poured inside generator or car. Bear in mind that it can’t also generate electricity. But the scarcity became an issue enough for it to be called a crisis.

Lets not even get started on all the crises we have in Nigeria.

Okon Trouble

Just in case you still don’t know the type of biscuit, this here is the type.


Where do we even begin as a country when we are praying for 5,000MW when another country is celebrating biscuit?

The manufacturing director of United Foods, Mr Mark Taylor, said;

Over the past four months, we’ve come together to get the factory back up and running as quickly as possible. Full production has now resumed. We couldn’t be happier or more thankful to everyone who has supported us in getting the factory back up and running.

United Foods produces 80,000 tonnes of biscuit every year.



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