The Bombchel Factory empowers Ebola survivors

Liberia is one of the countries worst hit by the Ebola virus outbreak of 2014.

One of the fastest ways Ebola spreads is through physical contact with infected people. This means that even if a person survives, the likelihood of people wanting to make physical contact with them is very limited. This more often than not, translates to unemployment and depression.

A viable solution is to create a means where survivors can earn a living and still feel like a part of the society.

Enter Archel Bernard. 27. Graduate of Georgia Tech, USA.



In 2011, she moved to Liberia where she started a fashion line, but left the country as a result of the Ebola outbreak. Now she has returned to empower disadvantaged Liberians (not just Ebola survivors) by making dope clothes.

Give it up for The Bombchel Factory.



This time though, Bernard does not intend leaving soon.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund the project by raising $35,000 has been started and almost $50,000 has already been pledged.

This is Hope, an intern from a School of The Deaf
This is Hope, an intern from a School of the deaf.

Archel Benard is not only using this project to revolutionise Liberian women’s fashion, she is impacting lives positively and building a fashion powerhouse.

How cool is that?





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