#SeizeTheBae this year, with the help of these 5 friends

Nigerian men need these people to always be there for them no matter what. Especially in these tricky days of #SeizeTheBae.


The barber-customer relationship is sacred, more sacred than you can imagine. A man walks into a salon, and sits on the chair, and with half-sentences and hand gestures, the barber knows exactly what to do.


Behind every successful fresh boy or Yoruba demon (depending on whose side you’re on), there is a tailor who stayed extra hours to ensure he smiths out a top notch agbada or superhero cape (again, depending on how you look at it). The tailor believed when no one else did.




Who do you think your man is going to call if his car breaks down on third mainland bridge at 10pm? It’s not the Police. It’s not you either. It’s the guy who would go down and get dirty for the machine to keep moving.

Falz mechanic meme
If your mechanic is anything like this guy, you’re about to be baeless for another year


Have you ever come home at night only to discover that NEPA (PHCN for you new school kids) cut your wire because they didn’t find your bill? Has this happened when your neighbours had light, and you didn’t have fuel in your generator? The electrician is the only one capable of putting light in your life in these moments.

As long as your electrician is smarter than this guy, you are good.

All these, armed with the right moves and the right flows and you are good to go.

Lets do this



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