The 9 times @AmbodeObsarver won Nigerian Twitter

Nigerian Twitter is the best.

It is the fine blend of political bants, body count debates, celebrity scandals, feminist and counter-feminist rants and now, interesting reporting.

A Twitter account, @AmbodeObsarver has stepped into the fray, telling Lagos stories in the most hilarious ways possible. Here are just a scrollful.

1. That one time two enforcers were enforcing and counter-enforcing each other.

2. Or when he went all #Olajumoke on LASU girls.

3. Or when he spoke for the people.

4. How about that guy bathing on the main road?

5. And when he spoke out for Edo people.

6. And for expatriates.

7. When he called out okada men for their okadaness.

8. When he declared his crush.

9. And when he alerted the governor on the grand theft stadium.

And he’s only just getting started. Check his TL for more.




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