The 5 types of mad people you will find in Yaba

Yaba is not a place for the very alright people. Whether it is the rabid madness or the well packaged type, we have documented all of them here;

1. The Yaba left.

This is the wing of Yaba that brought the insanity of the area to prominence. This place, the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba is where you will find the ones that have migrated finally to the other side of sanity. They are the ones they are following from the village, the ones that inhaled so much stuff that went to settle in their brains, and some of the utterly broken. We wish them a quick return. All of them.

2. The Loiterers.

These ones have not yet been discovered by the Yaba left police even though their headquarters, the E-centre, is only a walking distance away. They are the ones who will wake up early in the morning just to go roaming inside the place and be collecting free A/C. Common popcorn, they cannot buy. Continue.

3. The Creative Forces.

These ones are mostly packed in the two tertiary education superpowers; YabaTech and UNILAG.

If any UNILAG person tries to tell you they are not mad, just show them this picture.



We all know Denrele is on a diplomatic passport from Yaba Left.

From Nollywood to the music and fashion space, you can be sure these guys will give you great well thought-out madness. Like this guy who built a monument out of plastic bottles? How insane is that?

4. The Yaba market boys.

They are just opposite the Psychiatric Hospital, but honestly, they are too rabid for the wards. Those boys at Yaba Market will drag a 7-year old boy to come and buy curtains then tap a girl’s bum mistakenly, so she can come and by jeans.

You might be seeing human beings, but this what they actually are.

Two Animals fighting


And everybody who walks through Yaba market has only one name to them; Fine boy/girl.

5. The Yaba Right Tech forces.

Now imagine this, you see a girl working on her computer. You take a peep to see what she’s doing, but all you can see are punctuations here and there, random letters and numbers you’d normally flog children for if you caught them on your computer, and the first question you want to ask is, “Am I in The Matrix?”

code gif

Enter, the coder.

They are like the builder who carries stones, mixes it with sand and cement, and makes an entire building out of crap. This is arguably the biggest tech hub in Nigeria. They are just as mad as the people of Yaba Left, except they roam freely and can afford expensive toys.

One advice from the great sage.

Pete Codeochie





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