The 5 times Frank Donga was the best thing on the internet

You know Frank Donga, don’t you? The guy who always looked like he needed you to dash him money.

Frank donga meme

With his unending pursuit of employment, we laughed the heck out of his misery. Now, he’s no longer the Frank Donga we used to know.

He got a job, got visa, and even finally went to The Abroad.Frank Donga suit

But no matter where he goes, even with his real name, Kunle Idowu, we’ll forever remember him as the guy who needed Epp.

Here are our best 5 Frank Donga videos.

1. That time he set the standard for who is and isn’t a professioner.

2. That time he told us his weaknesses.

3. This one is the one proof that Django did not suffer.

4. That time he redefined gold digging.

5. That time he just needed to leave the country to anywhere.

Unfortunately for us, he got that visa. We dunno if we should wish him unemployment, but you see this Frank Donga, we want him back.

leaving crying



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