The 4 things you must NEVER do in your dreams

Nigerians aren’t slow, whether they are awake or asleep. Whether you are trying to catch a bus while awake or running in your sleep, we have our own special format and etiquettes to getting things done.

One thing you must note is that just because it is a dream doesn’t mean it has to be a joking stuff.

Be wise.

In Nigeria, there are important rules you must follow. And no, because the dream is happening only in your head does not mean it is not our business. Note that this is not about the National cake  Nigerian dream. That one is talk for another day.

This is about how Nigerians expect you to behave in the dream world.

One Scientist Sigmund Freud said that dreams are a manifestation of our deepest desires and anxieties.

Tupac gif

He didn’t even add the fact that dreams are from the spirit world. Joker.

First when they offer you food in your dream, it is not important that you went to bed hungry. You must not carry your hungry man behaviour along with you. It’s not a crime to say “no thanks.” You shall not die.

watching weight

When you see snakes in your dream, shout whatever it is you shout for protection in real life. If it doesn’t work, run. When you wake up, don’t forget to start avoiding your village people.

The village people may also come in the form of masquerades but before you run, make sure they don’t look anything like this;

Mr Ibu


Or this;

Agadi Ekwe Nka (1) - Chiwetalu Agu

Then there’s the bucket part. We know that kicking the bucket in real life means dying. Like those times Vic-O entered the studio and the whole world kicked the bucket.

In the dream world, it’s a different bucket. When you see a bucket with water inside, RUN. When you see a tap with water, don’t open it. This is how it happens in real life;

Bedwet meme

Again, you might find yourself inside a room with one girl, naked and telling you to come closer. It does not matter that she has the face of that porn star you watch every day (we would have inserted her name here but we don’t know anything about the porn business,) DO NoT ANSWER. It also doesn’t matter that this might be a healthier and cheaper alternative to real life indiscriminate sex, DON’T GO CLOSE.

Falz warning meme

Ask Falz to give you firsthand experience on the spirit wife concept.

Here’s a question for you;

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