The 13 times Haneefah ‘Hijarbie’ Adam made us fall in love with her

It took Barbie over 50 years to embrace diversification with the three new additional body sizes added to the classic doll collection in January this year.

24 year old Nigerian blogger and entreprenuer, Haneefah Adam has in her own little way, done within 8 weeks, what Barbie maker Mattel, couldn’t do in all their years of existence.


Adam, a trained medical scientist, has been giving her Barbies the hijabi touch, and the internet is loving it.

But long before Hijarbie, here are all the reasons she made us fall in love with her.

1. Food that makes you question your culinary skills.


2. Food that makes you just want to drool all day.


3. The type that has taste buds exploding with spice and juice.


4. When her food meets her art, it slays.


5. Or brings all of the Instagram buzz.


6. Her food can make you fly, as long as you don’t eat the almonds.


7. Or make your heart flutter.


8. Then there’s the DIY (Do It Yourself) part.



9. Enter the fashion Haneefah, Hanie collections.


A video posted by Hanie Collection, Nigeria (@haniecollection) on


10. We could go on an on about the many awesome things Haneefah’s hand and mind have created, but…



11. If you ask her the one thing that makes her keep creating and getting better, she’ll probably tell you…



12. So, is it safe to say she is the Queen of Nigerian DIY Instagram?


Follow her on Twitter @ms_hanie.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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