Stop everything! Chika Ike’s Reality Show African Diva is getting a second season

God knows we need a distraction in this recession, so he’s sending us a second season of Chika Ike camping it up on her Reality Show ‘African Diva’.


Wait you don’t know who Chika Ike is?

Mayhem and foolishness up ahead
Mayhem and foolishness up ahead

How have you survived this long?

Chika Ike is part of a posse of ‘bad girl’ actresses that dominated Nollywood from the 2000’s to the early 2010’s. They are the stars of many classic Nollywood hits including Girls Cot and the insanely popular Blackberry babes.

Blackberry Babes
Your faves could never…
Girls Cot
Look at all that Darling Yaki.


Tonto Dike is the most famous and arguably the most successful of these actresses but Oge Okoye, Rukky Sanda, Ebube Nwagbo, Mary Remmy, Yvonne Jegede and Queen Nwokoye have all gone to do really well for themselves. Ideally I should add Mercy Johnson to this list because of Dumebi the Dirty Girl, but we all know Mercy will act circles around the rest of them.


For those of you that have been missing out, ‘African Diva’ is Chika Ike’s community service project, a reality tv show that takes ‘ordinary’ girls and puts them through rigorous (lol) training to help them become African Divas.

Last year when the first season came out, I almost laughed my head off, but this year, with the way this our economy is, I actually considered applying.

After all with a  ten thousand dollars (4 million naira) cash prize, an acting contract (with Chika Ike Productions), a year’s worth of accessories from a place called Fancy Nancy, a cover of an ‘International Magazine called ‘the Magazine’ and a brand new car. This all is sounding very sexy to me.

Sadly filming has already wrapped, and all we’re waiting for now is Big mummy Chika to put up the first episode.

This will be all kinds of fun.

For now sha, manage this trailer.





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