Someone is taking viewers on a journey of Yoruba folklore through anime

Tradition is preserved through storytelling, and we can’t deny the reality that African traditions may be headed for certain demise. We have slowly ignored our wealth of stories and and filled ourselves with stories that have no roots with us. Legends like Zeus or Thor come to mind.

Someone is changing that narrative, using the one thing he knows will appeal to a huge chunk of the youth, anime.

Abdul Ndadi, an animator from Ghana, is getting accolades for his short animated film, Orisha’s Journey.


It is a fantasy tale of a girl’s journey through the spirit world (Orisha.) Set in a mysterious walking forest, the short film explores important concepts like the powerful imagination of the child and traditional African spirituality.


The spirit figure in this tale, Orisha, is loosely based on a figure in Yoruba cosmology of the same name.


Since 2014 when it was first made, it has been featured in several international film festivals, including Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan, the Cannes Film Festival, and others.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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