Sheyman advised about girls, selfies and self esteem. We have some questions for him

We know who Sheyman is —singer, mixmaster, entrepreneur.

Sheyman (1)

You’ve probably heard “Sheyman on the mix” if you listen to Nigerian music.

Sheyman na me

So we are not here to talk about his work, we are here for his own words.

He wrote on his Instagram;

Lil advice to all the young girls out there!!! Stop the habit of taking selfies in hotel rooms. Those selfies depicts your low self-esteem. We know you can’t even afford that breakfast not to talk of the hotel room itself. If u are cheap to mess around, you shouldn’t be proud to tell us.

My point! Nowadays everyone wants to live that life, chilling this, chilling that. least u can do for urself is USE UR BRAIN!!! ABEG MAKE U NO VEX IF E TOSH U.

“Yours truly “Sheyman.

Drake what the fuck

We took a trip to Sheyman’s Instagram, to help make his argument stronger.

We learned about how selfies in front of mirrors is a sign of low self esteem.

Flexing ???

A photo posted by Sheyman (@sheymanmusic) on

If girls taking selfies in hotel rooms makes them whores, does guys taking selfies in hotel rooms make them national-image-spoiling Yahoo boys?Confused

In one of your biggest songs, Paper, there was one girl you wanted to take to London, Hong Kong, and Ogun State where you come from,

Sheyman paper
Or a dozen girls


Did you tell her that you think she’s cheap and shouldn’t be messing around with men like you because of paper?black man

 Does that mean that you’re an accomplice in mediocrity?

confused baby

You also said something about these girls not being able to afford the hotels they use. In your Sampuwa music video with Flavour, we saw you dancing in front of a vintage Rolls Royce. 

We are now asking, can you afford that Rolls Royce? Especially with the current exchange rate?Sheyman rolls

And talking about self esteem, you were telling us that showing off is kind of a sign of low self esteem. 

Is putting a photo of you and Ludacris wearing the same shirt a sign of low self esteem?

ok so Ludacris went to cop this after seeing it on me. I’m dashing it out! ? A photo posted by Sheyman (@sheymanmusic) on

Still on self esteem, we observed that you like taking pictures in front of your new Range Rover.

Don’t listen to what they say! Trust God and Stay stacking the muller. #phatbaseproperty&construction2016

A photo posted by Sheyman (@sheymanmusic) on

God really blessed you.  

A photo posted by Sheyman (@sheymanmusic) on

But could it be that showing off these things is a sign of making up for something else?Rice small penis

Because according to psychologist James Brookes, some signs of insecurities include,

Trying to make other people feel insecure and the dire need to show off accomplishments

Lastly, you said something about using brain before, we have one last question;

While you were typing this piece of advice, were you using your?…Oh wow, this tea is so sweet.Mug of tea

Pete Edochie doesn’t ask questions, because he knows all the answers, so he left this last word for you.

Pete Edochie bedwet




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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