Seven tricks for 2017 brides that want their weddings to trend on Instagram

We are in 2017 and in the middle of a growing social media craze, where no dip is foreseeable in the near future. Instagram is one social network where people get to share their lives, interests, talents and even advertise their business.
It’s no surprise that a bride or groom would want to share precious moments from their wedding with friends and family on social media but somehow, the wedding industry has monopolised and monetised the use of social media creating a buzz that would seemingly give your wedding “society status”.
So are you actually having an Instagram-famous wedding? To find out, read and assess your situation with the proof and considerations below:

Wedding Hashtag
Hashtags make it easy to search for pictures so you and your friends agree on the perfect fusion of your name and better half’s in one phrase ending with your wedding year. This somehow ends up being aesthetically pleasing to the ear; for example, Tosin and Kayode are getting married in 2017- their wedding hashtag is #TOKO2017.
Pre- Wedding Shoot
Now that you have created a wedding hashtag, you can start using it when pictures of your pre-wedding shoot are ready to be shared on Instagram. Of course, these pictures has to be taken by a photographer with a lot of followers.
Makeup Soirée
How do you choose the perfect social media approved make-up artist? Weddings only happen once (in some cases) so you have decided to choose from those who have ’50k’ followers and above because they must be good.
Search for Featured Vendors
Your 5-star approved high society and international wedding planner has a list of vendors who she has worked with, featuring on the gram, so why not? After all they have lots of followers too; people must like their food, drinks, photos and event décor.
Expensive Suit and Dress-Makers
You and bae must have the best so you opt for designers that have featured in Fashion week. The wedding train gets in on the glam too, shouldn’t be so bad since they are paying for it themselves.
Advertised Wedding
Remember the awesome wedding planner? Yes, she creates buzz a couple of days to your wedding on Instagram with pictures and videos from your pre-wedding shoot. Friends of guests have started asking around for extra access cards because they just have to be there.
Social Influencers as Guests
The cool people already have access to your wedding sorted and they are already Instagram-famous with ’10k’ followers and above. Be sure to see your photos and wedding hashtag plastered on future posts.
Numerous Outfits
While the Nigerian traditional wedding encourages a bride to change outfits after she has been handed over to her husband and if she’s marrying someone from another tribe, the couple is not obliged to change at their white wedding. Slay because you are a queen: three or four reception dresses won’t hurt, do it for the gram!
Music Policy
Don’t just get any random DJ from Lagos Island, opt for one who has sponsorships and awards because the after party must rock!
It’s ironic that one year on, some of your pictures resurface on Instagram and the various vendors you used begin to wish you a happy anniversary. Such weddings probably had legendary receptions with small chops and booze on deck.
Here’s to a happily married life though! Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it – you are the talk of the city and if you play your cards right your wedding memories will cause social media longevity.
You ARE having an Instagram- famous wedding!
Written by Feso Adeniji 



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