Saraki dozes off at the CCT. Here are 6 things he could be dreaming about (Photos)

Senate President Bukola Saraki is on the hot seat, but he’s not letting anything come between him and his baby boy-ness.

Saraki CCT


Sahara Reporters shared a photo of the Senate President at one of the sittings dozing off quietly.

Saraki doze


According to the report, Saraki does it on a regular. The photo has us wondering, what could he be dreaming about when he dozes?

Here are a few things we came up with.

1. He could be dreaming about the Wara.

If found guilty of the charges levelled against him, Saraki could be returning to Kwara for the long term because these are the things that will happen. He will be removed from office, disqualified from the legislature, and barred from holding any public office for 10 years.

That means he will be having a lot of lounging time in Kwara, and what better way to spend the free time than to binge-eat Wara?

Image: Kitchen Butterfly
Image: Kitchen Butterfly

2. He could be dreaming of Danladi Umar respecting himself.

You see, the Chief Judge of the Code of Conduct tribunal, Danladi Umar, doesn’t appear to have any chill or tolerance for bullshit.



Looking at his scrutiny, discipline, and methods, we can only hope he reaches the final bus stop on this matter and not drop at the infamous Farouk Lawan bus stop.

Red eye Farouk Lawan bus stop


So maybe Saraki could be dreaming of a Danladi Umar that plays ball like (dis)honourable Lawan so…more sugar for the tea please.

Mug of tea


3. He could be dreaming of where he’ll sleep when next he’s in Lagos.

Because two of the properties under investigation are in Ikoyi, Lagos. A five star hotel will do just fine. Once a baby boy, always a baby boy.Saraki shade


4. Dreaming of the PR team to hire.

You know, when this is all over, Saraki needs to emerge as the angel that he really is. A good PR team is one that knows how to turn shit into lemonade.

Like this woman.



5. He could be dreaming about his victory party.

According to reports, some key documents from GT Bank that would have served as evidence have been destroyed in a fire. So in other words, Saraki might just be dreaming about his victory party.


6. He could be dreaming of places unseen.

He could be dreaming of the money that was never discovered, or the property they might never know of, because in this life, somebody must do baby boy.





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