#RUCH2017 All roads lead to Benin for Osarume and Charles’ big day (photos)


Osarume is getting married to her beau Charles tomorrow in the beautiful city of Benin.

The groom who is using mobile health to combat maternal and child mortality in rural communities through his company called MOBicure met his bride-to-be, Osarume, the founder of a fashion company called NOC Essentials while admiring her impeccable fashion taste at a mutual friend’s wedding ceremony. Time would pass before the couple decided to begin their forever journey through a well-planned surprise proposal.

Read their love story below:

How We Met
By The Groom-to-be, Charles

We met at the wedding of a mutual friend on March 13, 2015. We both travelled from Benin to Warri for the wedding.  I saw Rume sitting with her friends. She looked beautiful in her full hair and she was wearing lovely jewellery as usual. I had always known her since her University of Benin days. I walked up to her and told her how I liked her full, flowing hair. I also told her I liked her big necklace and commented on how she was still wearing fantastic jewellery. She was surprised. ‘Do you know me?!’ she said. I told her how I had known her since her days at the university. I realized I really liked her company, so we chatted for a while. After that, we parted ways and I did not collect her number.

A few weeks later was her birthday. I asked for her pin from another of our mutual friends. I sent her an invite on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and she accepted! I was thrilled; I really liked this girl. We started chatting and the rest is history!

Our First Date
It was an indoor date at my house. I just got back from an award ceremony for my company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was looking so good, even more, beautiful than I remembered. At some point, I sang for her and I could tell she loved my voice. She said she had never heard a guy sing so well before. All through the date, I was stealing glances at her all because she was wearing this sexy, blue dress.

The Proposal
By The Bride, Rume
That morning, everyone was in high spirits at home and overly nice. Dad had my car washed, my mum called me during the day to say she booked an appointment to get her nails done but she wouldn’t be able to make it. She wanted me to take her place and make mine instead. Not being one to pass on such a good opportunity, I gladly took her place. Charles had told me that a couple we knew were having a private party to celebrate their wedding anniversary and he wanted me to look good. Everyone at home kept insisting on dressing well to the dinner as they were all attending. I picked out this very nice see-through skirt from my shop.

I arrived at the party with my siblings and Charles was already there with his friends. We had a nice meal, gisted and we then started dancing. I danced and danced, totally oblivious to the fact that Charles was going to propose. Our friends did a ‘fake’ toast to our health and while I was sipping my wine, there it was… my ring! He then got down on one knee and proposed. I laughed so hard because then everything started falling into place. Of course, I said YES!




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