#PopcornAndPepper: Ep 2 of @ThisIsItSeries shows the boring inner lives of newly weds.


If you haven’t seen the new episode of This Is It, we’ve put a neat little embedded video to get you on your way, or you could just skip that, read the review first then watch after. You need to live dangerously.

Bae Mutuma
Bae Mutuma

It’s another week of hunk-a-hunk Nick Mutumu and everyone else on This Is It. Before we get into episode two of Lowla Dee’s flag ship web show, I’d like to state categorically that Mutumu is acting circles around everyone else on the show.

Hey boo


Episode two dives straight into the action. Episode one did a better than average job of introducing all the main and supporting characters so we are thankfully not going to be subjected to anymore awkward introductions.


Tomide is getting ready for his first day of work post honey moon and while he’s suiting up, Dede brings up her plan to start a Bridal e-commerce business with Kerry, Sam’s wife. Tomide doesn’t quite see it for Dede and Kerry starting a business together  because they already have a close personal relationship. When Dede brings up the fact Tomide and Sam started a successful start up together even though they’re best friends, Tomide suggests they are guys and testosterone = good business sense.

Is that so?
Is that so?

Dede rightfully calls out his sexism and he backs off. He asks her to discuss with Kerry, get a cohesive plan and pitch to him and Sam to consider investing. He then offers casually for Dede to come work with them at their startup and when she declines because she thinks would get awkward, he reminds her there’s no rush for her to get a job. Which is cute, I guess.

Eh, whatever
Eh, whatever.

The next scene’s at the startup and Sam comes to congratulate Tomide on getting hitched. He offers to take Tomide out for drinks to celebrate which Mide declines, reminding him that it’s thursday, which they’ve set aside for couple’s movie night. Tomide asks Sam why he seems so stressed (as far everyone with eyes can see, he doesn’t) and he tries to convince Tomide (and us) that he just has a lot on his mind. Tomide then decides to ditch Dede so he can have some guy time.

My friend, there is rice at home

Talk about a jerk.

Dede’s at home, getting all made up. She’s been trying to reach Kerry all morning with no luck and via text (the graphic work in this scene is delicious) Tomide convinces her to go see Kerry at home.  There’s some seriously weak writing in this scene where they try to make us laugh at how Dede always makes a duck face when she applies mascara but sis, no.

Miranda Priestly

Dede drives through town and shows up at Kerry’s house. Kerry comes to the door, visibly frazzled to see Dede. From the moment she opened the door, I just knew she had a man in the house. The look on her face basically gave her away, they might as well have just put the penis in her hands. She tries to send Dede but she doesn’t budge and barges into the house…

Wana Shift let me pass

To meet Kerry’s ex boyfriend Tobi seated in her living room.

Nene Leakes look at you
I said it!

Dede immediately recognizes him and they have an awkward exchange and he leaves. Dede tries to talk some sense into Kerry but home girl isn’t having any of it. Tobi just got a good offer to relocate back to Nigeria and the flirtation is a good enough distraction from everything in her life. Turns out Kerry’s business hasn’t been doing as well as she hoped, and she has been trying to get Sam to see it is time they started trying to conceive. Dede tries to convince Kerry that’s she’s playing with fire and Kerry agrees with her, but it’s obvious she isn’t convinced.

Just... don't!
Just… don’t!

And immediately after, in case we didn’t get the memo, we go back to Sam and Tomide at the bar. We get to hear from Sam’s point of view about why he is neglecting his wife and refusing to have children. Sam isn’t quite ready to have children because he feels he doesn’t have enough money to raise them and in a bit of foreshadowing, Sam hints that his father was a very ‘bad’ man and he wants to be nothing like him. And this ‘nothing’ includes not having children until his bank account is overflowing. I was so bored in this scene I almost slept off.

Next gif

The boys must not have spent that much time at the bar because somehow Tomide still gets home in time for their movie night. Tomide asks Dede about her meeting with Kerry and their potential business and since there was no meeting, she gets very dodgy, diverting their conversation elsewhere. And as a way to fill the minutes, the writers get a little stupid. Dede asks to borrow money from him, even though she doesn’t have a job or any future source of income and they have a joint account. To which Tomide offers to pay an allowance into her account so she isn’t broke, after admitting quite chivalrously that he would rather die than ask her for money to which I thought,

'Why do you people think I care about any of this?'
‘Why do you people think I care about any of this?’

Dede seems really shook by the whole Kerry thing, and after a few false starts she spills her guts to Tomide about Tobi and Kerry. She didn’t even wait 24 hours before running her mouth and then asking if Tomi would tell her if he cheated on her?


Is this girl stupid or something?

Shut your mouth
I say PIM!

Thankfully Tomi is already fast asleep and doesn’t hear any of it.

The morning after, Dede is woken up by a call from Tomi’s mother. After talking with her, she goes and opens Tomide’s laptop to do some work, straight out of bed, only to find tabs and tabs of straight porn, open from the night before.

Una try.
Una try.


And Dede keeps gasping as she checks his browser history only to see more porn.


Cliff hanger for dummies anyone?

A few questions.

Is it too early to say that Kerry is the Hadiza of This Is It?

Dede is supposed to be a PR manager for the firm she quit when she got married. Why then is she using her husband’s computer when she should obviously have her own?

To be honest, after that high octane first episode I literally struggled through this second one. This episode was in three words; boring and unnecessary. If they really wanted everything they did here could have been compressed to six minutes and change.


And I am already dreading episode 3, if it is going to revolve around the fact that Tomide wanks one out every now and then. Why is this a surprise to anyone over the age of 15?





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  1. I stumbled on the series.first of I like your website name. Jollof Lol. I think this site needs more intelligent writing. I have read some other reviews. It is obvious the writer of the reviews lacks some patience or only watches to rant not critique.I am turned off by the writer of this piece not having simple knowledge that a couple can have a joint account and also personal accounts. There was no writing loop hole with that scene. In fact, as a man, that was my best scene. The episode was real and very necessary. It’s the same feeling marriage gives you. Sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes bleh. About the computer scene? Are you guys serious? I have nothing to say. That was a really dumb review. You didn’t even notice the continuity issue at the bar scene where the long shot had full cups and the close up had half cups, that was the only technical issue I had. I think this site has potential I like the comic aspect to the reviews but you need writers who are truly critical and actually understand characters and plots. This is just rant. The writer doesn’t grasp judging from other reviews and this. But it’s quite comical.

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