Popcorn and Pepper: With episode 2, ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ is finally picking up pace

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the show, now would be a good time to close the tab.

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Skinny Girl in Transit might have entered some serious go slow in its first episode but thankfully the traffic is starting to ease in episode 2, mainly because our heroine’s parents- played by Ngozi Nwosu and Jude Chukwuka,-feature prominently in the episode.


I have gushed at length about how Ngozi Nwosu is the light and soul of Skinny Girl in Transit, lighting up the screen every single second of screen time she gets but I haven’t gushed enough of how well Jude Chukwuka pairs with Nwosu. His calm, mildly exasperated indifference to Ms Nwosu’s theatrics provides some of the best wry moments on the show. Like I almost want them to ditch everyone else and maybe add Tiwa as an extra and give them their own show.

Bye Felicia.

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The episode starts with Tiwa, Shalewa and their father at the dining table discussing what to do for Tiwa’s mum’s birthday. While they’re in the middle of deliberations, Mama Tiwa ‘appears’ (it’s kind of impossible for Nwosu to sneak into a room on this show) and asks them ho-ha what they’re planning to do for her birthday.

Then she surprises them and asks for an intimate birthday dinner with just family (and Folake, Tiwa’s best friend from season one), and Shalewa’s new boo of course.

The mere presence of Shalewa on screen used to irritate my soul, but I have now grown to like her, or rather Sharon Ooja, the actor who plays her. Ooja does such a good job of playing an annoying yes-woman that I forget she really isn’t Shalewa in real life. Anyhow, this is clearly a set up for the main scene of the episode.

Tiwa is doing her show in the studio the next time we see her. She and her work colleague are gossiping about Hadiza when Hadiza comes in, hopeful about maybe having a connection with Mide their new boss.

Tiwa and colleague proceed to bully the hell out of Hadiza, for no other reason than her fetching physical appearance. This is a stereotype that I really hate seeing in shows about women. This dichotomy of either being a pretty girl or a smart girl, where the pretty girl is always an airhead who always has her head in the clouds and is the butt of the jokes of the smart but ugly girls. This is fucking annoying because the writers of this show are women. First it was Shalewa, and now Hadiza.

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But seriously, y’all need to let this stereotype die. DEAD IT!

Mide the boss comes to talk to Tiwa about pushing up their personal meeting to have a talk. It seems that this initial- rivalry-sure-to-turn-into-a-love-interest-thing with Mide needs to follow the Mills and Boon format because the ‘drama’ between Mide and Tiwa is so contrived. Tiwa back talks to him the entire time, not even losing steam when Mide tells her her biggest sponsor had to be begged not to drop her. And all of this, because he ‘bumped into her at the gym and pointed his finger at her’. (This was a lie by the way, he never pointed a finger at her; continuity people, do better please).

If my boss came down to my office to tell me my biggest sponsor is considering pulling out of my show, my first response wouldn’t be unnecessary snark. My second wouldn’t be either.

Mide apologizes (God forbid) and tries to appeal to Tiwa’s common sense. But obviously the new improved Tiwa seems to be lacking any because she starts spouting about frustrating him before he frustrates her.


Finally the birthday dinner is finally here. Lisa Omorodion is back as Folake, Tiwa’s best friend with her husband. After everyone gets acquainted and seated at the table, we realise that Shalewa isn’t home yet. She appears a little while later, boo in tow. We find out during the course of the dinner that Shalewa’s boo is 38 years old and into oil and gas, has never been married because his fiancee cheated on him with a friend of his. Anybody say potential Yoruba demon?

After the dinner where Folake and Tiwa’s mother nearly embarass the poor man who is in a perfectly legal relationship with an adult woman, we get another heavy dose of foreshadowing where Mama Tiwa and Tiwa point out to us how a single man in his late 30’s is bad news and that Shalewa will get hurt.

Nene Leakes look at you


Here are a few things though.

In one of Tiwa’s asides, she tells us that Shalewa’s boyfriend looks old. Bruh, no he doesn’t. He looks younger than every other man at the table except for Shalewa’s dad. Stop hating on a fresh baby boy because he looks fresher than both your boyfriends.

And honestly, who gave Tiwa any mouth to talk about another person’s relationship choices, it’s not as if she is a paragon of good decisions. Or has even made ANY good decisions this season.

And please, please, please. If there any two things I want from this season, it is this. SURPRISE ME. Because right now, I can literally see how every single story arc will end, ala Nollywood, and I know Ndani can do better than that. So please, for the love of God, surprise me.

LIFE LESSON: Once you clock 30, because oil and age + having lived more than 3 decades + alopecia = child of Satan.



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