Popcorn and Pepper: ‘Rumour Has It’ Ep. 3 is riddled with cheap Nollywood cliches

If you haven’t seen the episode already, you should stop, watch it here before proceeding.

After the drama of the first and second episodes of Rumor Has It, we are more than ready for the show to finally pick up (for the love of all that is holy).


Episode 3 starts with some good old moping, y’know, in case we forgot that Obi’s husband just left her to go frolic with his side chic in the abroad. I cannot wait for the day when the writers would let us just dive into the action head on.

nene leakes tired

Next scene, Uru Eke’s Obi is with her sister-in-law and best friend, Jennifer (Toni Tones) at Sao Cafe (some good old advertising,) catching up on life and love and all of that. They tease each other for a bit and circle Obi’s well-being, post revelation. They joke about David, the bestie from episode two who seemed to have no idea what boundaries are, and did some exposition on Wole.

The acting is pretty horrible sha in this scene, the women keep making these weird facial movements that are supposed to convey emotion but just come across like Jennifer in particular, is having an epileptic seizure.


You know ladies, it is possible to convey emotion simply with a tone of voice, or even a raised eyebrow.

Jennifer and third friend get into whether single people have enough experience to speak on marriage. This could have been a great teachable moment but they botch it. They talk, do some more exposition and toast to Obi, the best friend and blogger and sister-in-law, all rolled in one.

And then we find out that Wole and Obi weren’t even living together as a man and wife.

Wait what?


That makes a shitload of sense though. No wonder Wole had the chance to be frolicking with his side piece, my nigga was basically a bachelor.


Next time we see Obi, she’s moved back with her parents and is back to her old bedroom and that didi is back. Aside though; for somebody with so much money and a good hairline, Obi seems unable to afford a good lace front weave. Serious aka gum.

kanye shake head gif

Obi’s mother comes to talk to her in her bedroom and reminds her that she is ‘Nigerian’ and ‘Catholic’ and so must accept Wole and his child by a side chic. Obi’s mother has a mindset common among the women of the civil war generation, holding on to the relative security of marriage even when the marriage is obviously not working, and forcing their children to do the same. Again, Obi gives a feeble fight when her mother announces out of nowhere that they’ve invited Wole’s parents to have a sit down.


For a show that is supposedly breaking the stereotypes, Rumor Has It seems to really enjoy dipping right into the heart of those stereotypes. Because while we hoped and prayed that the next scene would be handled much differently, it happened exactly like you’d expect any cliche Nollywood ‘your son just got another woman pregnant outside’ family meeting.

The Igbo man was called ‘Mazi’, the men talked about how they should have handled the matter together as ‘the men of the house’, the cliche Yoruba mother who is so obsessed with having a grand child that she literally throws Obi to the wolves and insults and degrades her. All that was remaining was for Chiwetalu Agu to appear out of nowhere and steal somebody’s land.

Chiwetalu meme

Rumors Has It has made me a believer in Cliche related P.T.S.D

The only silver lining is that Obi finally stands up for herself when her mother takes it too far and lies that she’s promised to take time off work to ‘conceive’. This devolves into another argument between both families and a total breakdown of whatever rapport they’d managed to achieve and the episode ends in shambles.


I have a few things to say at this point.

We’re almost at the four episode mark, and so far Rumor Has It has been very, very disappointing. This episode more than most, because this episode only perpetuates many of the stereotypes that Nollywood was built on.

The reality of today’s Nigeria is this, a good number of Nigerians grew up either in a single parent home or in a two parent home that might as well have been a single parent one. Rumour Has It would have been a great opportunity to show a contemporary Nigerian woman (Obi) from a single parent home excelling. We could have also lived without the stereotype that Yoruba mothers are just waiting in the wings to support and encourage promiscuity and adultery from their sons. Like, jeez, aren’t you people tired of these tired narratives?

But back to the story sha, Obi and Wole were married for two years and not living in the same house, yet were trying actively to conceive a child?



Did they have a timetable for whose house to have sex in when Obi was ovulating? She got pregnant the first time (without telling anyone by the way,) and lived alone till she lost the pregnancy?


And they were planning to move in just now? Still planning to move in?

confused baby



Life lesson: If you’re the biggest blogger in Nigeria and cannot afford a face-me-I-face-you to live in with your newly-wed husband, just maybe you’re not ready for marriage. Maybe.


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