Popcorn and Pepper: It’s Ep. 4, high time we gave Skinny Girl In Transit a reality check

Here we are, yet another episode Of Skinny Girl In Transit.

Though it really should actually be called the Ngozi Nwosu show at this point.


If you haven’t seen this episode, you should probably stop right here, and watch the episode.

Ehen, let’s get to business.

After the ‘cliff hanger’ of Episode 3 where Femi ‘catches’ Kola and Tiwa hanging out, episode 4 begins with Shalewa talking to her bae in the bedroom. Tiwa comes in, looking dowdy and bitter.


They get into a shouting match over what Shalewa’s bae does exactly. Both women quickly fall into the stereotype of the bitter older sister, and the ‘airhead’ younger sister, trading insults and the usual Nollywood rigmarole.

Just when we start to hope that the writers of Skinny Girl in Transit will actually get off their asses and not fall back on lazy tropes that skinny girls are vapid and nasty while fat plain girls are smart and foresighted, they disappoint us. Almost 18 episodes into this show, and the show runners still want to have us believe that Tiwa and Shalewa cannot sit in a room for five seconds without snarling at each other.



The next scene has Tiwa at work, running her daytime show. The topic of the day is ‘Office Bitches’,  you know, in case you had no idea this was about to be a scene where ‘smart girl’ Tiwa gets to berate ‘pretty vapid girl’ Hadiza. Both ladies trade words back and forth, with Tiwa throwing the plainest, most unimaginative barbs at Hadiza, who the writers want us to believe possesses the mental capacity of a gnat because everything Tiwa says just flies right over her head.

Mide, their boss and the recipient of non-existent sexual tension comes into the office and Hadiza endures more humiliation at both their hands. All of it is painful to watch, like totally cringe worthy.

Help me lord.

This scene feels like something out of a third rate Mean Girls parody.

I had to pause after this to find some alcohol to numb my common sense so I could finish this review.

Tiwa’s car is ‘bad’ again, her convenient excuse for letting Kola drive her around on her date and drop her off at home. If I wasn’t sure the writers aren’t that Machiavellian, I’d say this is Tiwa’s excuse to find penis. Mide conveniently drives past when Tiwa is having car trouble and offers to drive her past Lekki Phase One.

Nope, not happening.

During the ride, Mide awkwardly asks about Tiwa’s love life, especially since she isn’t rolling over to hop on his penis. Tiwa keeps hedging, not quite admitting that Femi is her boyfriend, which is confusing considering only last episode, we could practically hear wedding bells. But then again, anything is possible in this season of SGIT, anything.

Obama nodding

Mide drops Tiwa off at Femi’s house, and when she gets there, Femi is understandably colder than a inuit’s behind. He lets her in and introduces her to his friend ‘Monica’, another ‘vapid pretty girl’ clone, chewing gum and twirling her hair. Tiwa obviously flies into a tizzy because she is always painfully irrational and Monica leaves them to hash out their nonsense.

Just when the episode is finally starting to make sense, they end it abruptly.

Done with these people’s bull shit.

But seriously, are we that starved for decent shows that we’ll take anything? Even the writing this season on Ndani’s shows? Whoever it was that changed before this season, they need to change back because, some of these story lines are ridiculous.

Also Tiwa needs to stop behaving like she is in SS1.

Nene Leakes said what I said




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