Popcorn and Pepper: Ep 7 of #SGIT introduces us to Shalewa the husband snatcher

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the new episode of Rumor Has it, You should probably watch it below, if you have, then let’s get to the good stuff.

So after the great meet and greet that exposed Maxwell as a married man and Shalewa as a side chick, I had a ton of questions. So when episode seven dropped I was stoked to see how they would spin this. The new episode starts just after meeting Maxwell. Tiwalade is FURIOUS! She stalks back to Mide’s car and flies into a rage, and rightly so. Tiwa had stuck her neck out for Shalewa and let the whole thing with Maxwell’s son. And now there’s a wife?

confused baby


Mide keeps laughing at Tiwa’s very serious concerns and she eventually tells Mide she isn’t the mood to go to the event and asks him to take her home.

bye felicia

When Tiwa gets home, Shalewa’s still up, watching television. She asks why Tiwa is back so early, and Tiwa doesn’t waste time segueing into her interrogation. She brings up Maxwell’s son, and his wife and the fact that Maxwell’s name is actually Daniel. Shalewa admits, much to my surprise that she knows Maxwell is married and that he’s promised to leave his wife for her. At this point Tiwalade loses her shit, and takes her wig and decks Shalewa.

beat her ass

Shalewa is trying to make Tiwa see reason when Mama Tiwa appears, and hears that Shalewa is a willing participant in Maxwell attempt to sexually defraud her.


She lays into Shalewa, and beats the living daylight out of her. Nigerian mothers, there is no such thing as growing up around them, if you’re living in their house and you mess with them you will chop slap.

Nene Leakes said what I said

A few days have passed and Tiwa hopes that Shalewa has gotten over getting ratted out and put on their mother’s bad side. But nope, understandably she is livid and since she can’t up and move out, she decides instead to ignore Tiwa instead. Which is exactly what Tiwa deserves. Shalewa is 23 years old, Tiwa could have had this discussion with her in private and convinced her to leave Maxwell like adults instead of treating her like a teenager and allowing her own personal self-righteousness rule over common sense. Like jeez.

Whats your problem

As an aside, did anyone notice that in Episode seven of Rumor Has It and Skinny Girl in Transit, mother characters both used the line ‘What is good about the morning?’

Nene Leakes look at you

Hasn’t that line suffered enough, can we let go softly into the night where the all the other cliche lines go to die?

let it go

Mama Tiwa tears into Shalewa some more, accusing her of trying to wreck someone else’s home and what not. She even unrealistically suggests that Shalewa will soon start stealing babies. Umm what? Not once does Mama Tiwa talk about how it is Maxwell who is married and made vows of fidelity to his wife and should be the one to not go around sleeping around outside his marriage. And that Shalewa isn’t a jezebel corrupting him.


It is quite sad that this is how a lot of Nigerians address adultery, putting all their ire on the side chick instead of the man who is stepping out of his marriage.

Could you not?
Could you not?

We tend to try to shame people into doing what we consider the right thing, instead of appealing to their sense of reason.

We see Tiwa at work, smack dab in the middle of a show discussing the ‘trifling’ ways of Nigerian men. We could have done without yet another scene about the men on the show directly or indirectly but silver lining, we know for sure that Tiwa actually has to work for her salary.


After Tiwa’s set she goes to find Didi our resident ratchet best friend and from the conversation they’re having it’s obvious she’s given her the gist of Maxwell secret wife. Hadiza appears as usual (this is starting to get ridiculous) and tries to get in on their discussion. Didi immediately steers the conversation to Tiwa escorting Mide to the company dinner, trying to burn Hadiza.


Even though Hadiza is well aware of Tiwa escorting Mide she still miraculously hurt by the revelation that Mide and Tiwa sat in the same car together. But Hadiza has some startling news of her own. Turns out Mide has an ex-fiancee who is back from the abroad, and spoiling to wrest him back into her life. And she is in the station, holding sway in his office.

Donald trump smirk

Didiquisha asks Hadiza to find better ways of spending her time, sound advice that Tiwa and Didiquisha should actually take, considering all they do is sit around and gossip about men.


And while no one professes to be interested in Mide’s new old squeeze, all three of them mysteriously find themselves in his office. The ex-fiancee has an accent and an ivy league education and makes all three of them Hadiza included look like house girls. And suddenly Tiwa has opinions on what Mide deserves and who he should be dating, surprising no one. Operation #TiDe2017 is a go.


We get a final, ‘heartwrenching’ scene with Mama Tiwa, praying at night for her daughters. Ngozi Nwosu gives a convincing performance of a mother distraught for her the happiness of their daughters. This scene would have been perfect if not that in Mama Tiwa’s mind, her children’s happiness isn’t complete if it doesn’t involve a man and a white picket fence.

Over it

Its so hard to believe that the first two episodes of Skinny Girl in Transit was about Tiwa trying to get into shape and take care of herself after a bad break up. We’ve sailed so far from the original premise of this show, it might as well be another show.


Anyhow, some of the arcs of this season has been set in motion.

Will Tiwa end up with Mide?

Is Femi or Kola ever coming back into the picture, considering we’ve not seem them in three episodes?

What happens to Shalewa now that her own mother has branded her a husband snatcher?

We’Il just have to wait and see.

LIFE LESSON: It is quite possible to smell marriage on a man. Its called Eau de adulterie.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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