Poll: What would you do if you heard your spouse is having a secret wedding?

So here is this gentleman, Dr Chin Akano, a UK based medical doctor on his wedding day somewhere in Imo State.


And here’s his wife.


They were about to have a very memorable day in their lives, until this woman showed up.


She’s Ngozi Madukaife-Akano, the groom’s wife of 20 years. The one he left in The Abroad with these two boys.


But clearly, she didn’t show up for play, and all her actions only pointed to one thing.

We will not take it

But the new bride, Jennifer, was having none of it too, and a fight ensued, ending with ripped clothes, and a cancelled ceremony. The husband on the other hand just sat in the corner, watching the drama unfold.

Eddie murphy gif

Ngozi, the UK-based nurse and wife, returned to The Abroad where she came from, but promised to not go down without a fight.

Our question is;

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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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