Poll: What if your ex called for help late at night?

An agony aunty is the person you carry all your stories that touch to, so she can either advise you or share with her jurors.Currently, Nigeria’s most popular agony aunty is The Fat Ibo Lady.

A guy shared this story.

“My ex (she left me for another guy a year ago) called me last night. I normally don’t pick her calls but after a few more calls and texts of pick up its an emergency, I did and she asked me to transfer money through mobile banking because there was an accident.”

Will Smith1


”From the conversation in the background, I could make out a few words, put two and two together and figured it was Police trouble. I kept hearing they must sleep in station, so I asked and insisted she told me what was up.”rotimi-Amaechi1


”She said the police saw her in a car with a guy and accused them of “indecent exposure” and they need bail. Clearly the guy she was with couldn’t provide so she came to me. I told her “I’ll see what I can do”, and I hung up.”


I laughed till my head hurt.

According to him, he wanted them to suffer small before sending it, but forgot and slept off. So we are asking,

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The Fu'ad

That go-to guy for different sturvs. Books and the Internet have taken him to Mars. He still loves his Garri with very cold water. Yeah, Content and Copy rock.

  1. Wickedness in the heart of men, 100% voted for “Its good he didn’t send it abeg. Serves her right!”

    And no, I’m not included lol

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