Poll: Should internally displaced persons be allowed to have more children?

Nigeria’s greatest enemy besides corruption is most certainly insecurity. The consequence of this? Over 3 million internally displaced people.


The Nigerian government becomes directly for their fundamental human needs; food, clothing, internet and shelter. As a result, the FG has created camps across states in the Northeast.

While these people are going about living their not-normal lives, there’s an interesting new trend; growing birth rates. This makes perfect sense, considering the factors that can affect birth rate. For example unemployment would would mean more idleness which would also mean more time for sex, which could mean increased chances of having babies.

There are two popular opinions regarding this trend.

Hell no

The first is that IDPs should be completely barred from having children and if possible, sterilised. This is because more children would amount to a greater burden for government.

Thumbs up

The second is that people should not be stopped in any way from having children as the deplorable conditions of the camps is as a result of failure of government, and not the doing of the displaced persons.

Which opinion should prevail?

Take this poll;

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