Photos from Ronke and Dipo’s Ibadan wedding

Their love story:
I met her through my cousin’s wife and even though I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship at the time, our first conversation struck a nerve in a very positive way and that very moment I knew she was the one I want(ed) to spend eternity with. We didn’t physically see (we communicated via phone calls, whatsapp, bbm, skype and what have you) until a few months later in Dubai where we professed our love and continued faithfulness. A very wonderful lady I must confess who always has my interest at heart.
The cold feet set in at some point but what sealed it for me was one beautiful Sunday afternoon when Manchester United was playing Swansea City. She wanted us to go out and have fun but I chose Manchester United over that. She went out on her own and what she did afterwards really touched me. She practically ran the commentary of that game to me over the phone. That for me was thoughtful, because I obviously was watching the game but she decided to make it more special in her own way. I LOVE HER and I will choose her over and over.
Wedding photos:
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