These are the 8 disgusting habits you must quit this year

This has nothing to do with people who sleep with their house helps or crush on their mums’ best friends.


This is for the gross things many people do, sometimes subconsciously and especially in public places. We present, the disgusting habits Hall of Fame:

Brace Yourselves

1. Nose Digging

Can we all agree that no matter how far we dig, we’d never find oil?

I Smart!  I President!

Step two, smell it.

Obama smells nose
No fam. It doesn’t smell like Middle Eastern Oil.

2. Getting carried away and digging your hand all the way down your butt 

Nope. The oil there won’t fuel your generator

Smelling the armpit

There are two registered tactics to doing this. Just take your nose to your armpit like you are actually looking into your breast pocket to fish out your destiny. The second? Just dig your hand beneath your arm, and smell the damn thing.

Smelling armpit


When next you want to do it, think of the innocent person that will shake your hand.

4. The weird ear cleaning: 

My people, what is this?


5. Chewing Pens

This is what you see

bic pen

This is what some people see.

Chewing sticks

That’s not the worst part. Chew the pen. Scratch head with the pen, scratch hand, scratch body, chew pen again. Repeat.

6. Putting hands in pants in public

My people perish for lack of shame.
My people perish for lack of shame.

7. Sniffing boxers before dunking them in the laundry

Brotherly, it can't make you high.
Brotherly, it can’t make you high.

8. Chewing nails and skin

biting nails

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