People are sharing important #LagosLessons on Twitter and these are our fav 14

Nigerians on Twitter shared important survival tips with the hashtag #LagosLessons, and these are our best of them.

1. When you realise that not only manna falls from above.

2. When life is too fast for slow people.

3. When the journey is not fast but it leaves your body furious.

4. Because Lagosians are mad and have no one to tell them.

5. When there’s a difference between General Mathematics and Lagos mathematics.

6. When you discover that life is really just fleeting moments.

7. When matrimony is all about perspective.

8. When Football’s home and away advantage starts to apply in family life.

9. Because, it’s a jonzing world.

10. The laws of Economics of the jungle they didn’t teach you in school.

11. The “fine bara” phenomenon. (Check your Lagos Philosophy textbooks.)

12. Sometimes, the good Samaritan might go home walletless.

13. Because there’s levels to this craze thing.

14. When you have to choose between goodwill and scepticism.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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